"The most important business story of the past 100 years."

Garrett Boone, Co-Founder, The Container Store

How to use the film Beyond Zero to inspire and activate your stakeholders in sustainable transformation?

About Beyond zero

Beyond Zero tells the true story of Ray Anderson’s decision to take his global, public company, Interface, on a quest to eliminate all negative environmental impacts of their company by 2020. It is a deeply moving powerful and hugely hopeful story about what it means to build a futureproof business and value chain.

Filled with inspiring leadership insights and lessons about the power of dreaming big, “Beyond Zero” leaves audiences hopeful and motivated to take action in their role as a leader at work and in their personal lives.

Transform4C, licensed distributor for “Beyond Zero,” in Europe invites everyone who aspires to be part of a positive sustainable transformation of business and their supporting ecosystems.

“Beyond Zero is a fascinating story, not only about inspirational and visionary founder Ray Anderson, but the struggles and determination of a company trying to become a positive force in the world. The film delivers a message that needs to be told: In the end it indeed boils down to people, and business can be more successful and resilient, simply by doing the right thing.”
Paul Polman
Former CEO of Unilever and member of the board, United Nations Global Compact
“This film tells a powerful and hugely hopeful story about what it means to build a business around restoring the earth and why we must reimagine capitalism to heal the world – and ourselves. Don’t just see this movie, bring its lessons into your company, and fast.”
Rebecca Henderson
Professor, Harvard Business School & Author, Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire
“An inspiring and practical wake-up call to what’s possible… Required viewing for every CEO, Entrepreneur and MBA student.”
Haley Rushing
The Purpose Group
Paul Hawken
Founder Project Regeneration

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The screenings with Beyond Zero have been proven successful with many organisations, leading to among others increased energy and leadership, improved collaboration, stronger sustainable innovation and direct cost savings.


4.5 average rating

Energize and inspire your stakeholders

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Join forward-thinking companies like KPMG, Renewi, Savills and Avery Dennison and more. Over 200 organisations have used the extraordinary from Beyond Zero to strengthen their leadership and inspire teams to consider what is possible. Thousands of individuals experienced the film in small or large groups, in different formats, ranging from small team sessions, dynamic workshops to stylish theatre events. Host a screening and bring the award-winning film straight to your organization. Screenings can be done via a ‘do it yourself’-package or tailormade incompany packages. Pricing starts at € 2500,-

We have everything covered to help you screen this incredible feature film.

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Bring home the lessons from the movie: use the Program

Our screenings are paired with a short but powerful program with which leaders and experts can use the inspiration provided by the film to involve and activate key stakeholders around transition issues. This so called ‘Experience’ allows the target group to positively experience the value of transformation and how it works in practice. You can choose freely to organise your preparation and follow up on the film session with this program.

“This film tells a powerful and hugely hopeful story about what it means to build a business around restoring the earth and why we must reimagine capitalism to heal the world – and ourselves.  Don’t just see this movie, bring its lessons into your company, and fast.”

Rebecca Henderson,
Professor, Harvard Business School & Author, Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire


Pricing starts as of EUR 2500, depending on the number of screenings and number of participants. We make a difference between standard and tailormade programmes. More information can be found here.

In practice there is no difference between the two. We prefer to use the word Experience as showing the film has so much more value if we turn it into a participants journey that starts at the moment that one is communicating about the movie.

In the standard programme we ask you first to exchange your business details in order to set up our administrative process for the engagement. In this part of the process we ask you to agree with our general conditions and privacy policy, including among others specific paragraphs on mutual communications, such as respecting brands and copyrights in communications about the film.

At the start of the engagement we will set a date with you for your screening. Approx. 36 hours before the screening you will receive a password protected Vimeo link to the film and the password to acces the film at the day of your screening.

Next we provide you and the preparatory team access to the introduction program, the free toolkit with materials for presentation, organization and communication and access for 5 members of the preparatory team to view the film. 

Following the screening we would love to hear how it went and it would be great if you share your experience online with a tag to the platform Transform4C.

If you want more support with the set up or hosting of your screening, we are happy to help with an international team of experts and facilitators. In that case we will start a tailor-made engagement.


>> In a free toolkit we share all the materials that you need to prepare a successful screening, such as slides, scripts, invite text and suggestion for dialogues and activation during and following the screening.

The toolkit is made available to you during the engagement via the online platform community of Transform4C and comes in short instruction videos per topic, slides and a PDF Manual. Check the flow below:


Yes, the film is available with subtitles in 6 languages English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German and Portugese. Outside Europe we work with local partners. In China/Hongkong we work with a partner with access to a Chinese subtitled version of the film. 

We advise to take enough time to set up and communicate about a screening. On average our clients take 4 months to prepare the session and 6 months to follow up. Do you need it sooner? We can service everything that is needed within two weeks within the standard programmes and pricing. Urgent request (e.g. within a week) are subject to tailor made programmes.

Yes. With consultants we make tailormade agreements via sublicensing.

We prefer to start with a first actual screening to experience the collaboration.

Next we make agreements about pricing and how to communicate non-competitively. Interested to start? Join the introduction program and/or book a intake via contact@transform4c.com.

The pricing is based on the value that can be created with a strong design of your Experience. The revenues are being used to cover our costs and profits to develop new Experiences with societal impact and educational alignment. We work in line with the Mission Fast Forward to 2030 and beyond. In that model we stand for quality and value.

We believe that commercial organisations can benefit strongly from the Experience due to direct positive effects on leadership development, faster decision making, direct cost savings, innovation capabilities and (employer) brand/reputation. We have evidence of experiences leading to major breakthroughs in projects, sales successes or innovative cultures and leadership decisions. The best example of such a result is what you see happen in the film Interface or read in the story of Interface in the book Klimaatwerkers. 

If you really need a solution for your budget we are open for conversation to find a inkind-solution for your request, for example by offering us interesting content or contacts to help us achieve the mission Fast Forward to 2030 and beyond. 

Are you a non profit or educational institute? Please contact us for non profit fee or our educational offerings via contact@transform4c.com.

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